Yes, ladies you should do the weights…if your trainer or friend or partner says that no to the weight lifting, ditch them, and go for it. 

Now let’s discuss some weight lifting benefits for females.

Majority of women are keen to do exercises like dance, aerobics, Zumba, yoga, cross-fit, HIIT, but a rare number of females indulge in weight training.

Generally, females are scared of the results that they think might get due to the strength training, a mis leading concept is prevailing in the society that women might get bulky body like men or might look manly.

However, it is not true. There are many benefits of doing weight lifting for females as well as for males.

 Exercises are not gender defined neither age defined. People of all genders can perform any type of exercise, only condition that applies is that they should be well aware of their health conditions, and keep their trainers informed about the same.

1. It Improves Posture

Improved posture by weight liftingAs believed by women, that performing weight lifting will change there looks, YES! It’s true, however it will not make you bulky or look manly, in fact it helps in improving the body posture and makes you look more attractive. It helps in achieving a lean body frame with defined muscles. If you want figure correction, this is the only way to get desired figure. So, my ladies don’t fall for the myths and don’t listen to the one who says that weights are not for women.

2. Helps In Developing Strong Muscles

Stronger muscles with weight liftingWomen also needs strong muscles like men. Using weights, helps in developing strong muscles which gives body a better shape. Strong muscles improve mobility by supporting joints.  It also helps in lowering the risk of injury as body becomes more efficient.

Previous injuries are also tend to recover with the help of weight training. It should be kept in mind that strong muscles aid joints and bones, therefore they protect them from injury.



3. Helps In Weight Loss

weight loss with weight liftingWomen have more percentage of fat as compared to men, doing weights helps in losing fat more efficiently. It helps in improving metabolism. It burns calories during workout as well as after workout or during rest, because muscles need more energy while doing exercise and during repair after training. The only condition that one must follow in this case is having a balanced diet along with a proper workout for desired results.

Never compare female body with a male body as they are different, they differ internally as well as externally likewise the results are also different.


4. Promotes Bone Health and Reduces Back Pain 

Weight lifting helps in increasing bone density over time, which aids in reducing age related osteoporosis (which females may develop as they age). Stronger bones and muscles bring better flexibility and balance.

By improving muscular strength, one can experience reduced back pain and better mobility.

5. Reduces the risk of Heart diseases and Diabetes

Strength training plays an important role in reducing the risk of various heart diseases and diabetes. The better control over blood sugar and blood pressure levels, also reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels are few benefits of playing with weights.

6. Aids In Better Sleep

aiding the sleeping disorderWell, doing any sort of physical exercise improves the sleep quality, weight training also improves sleep. When muscles wear and tear, there is a need to rejuvenate them therefore heavy workout calms the body into deeper sleep and enhances the sleep quality. Any one having sleeping disorders or struggle sleeping should give it a try, they will get good results.

7. Reduces Stress, Depression and Anxiety

Any exercise can help in reducing depression and anxiety. Weight lifting also helps in reduction of stress as it needs concentration and focus, it diverts the mind towards exercise. Exercising also releases feel good hormones(endorphins) in body which uplifts mood, resulting in less stress and anxiety.

Enjoy working with weights in gym. “WEIGHT LIFTING IS NOR GENDER NEITHER AGE DEFINED”

Weight training is for everyone, it is beneficial for both the genders. well, if I say that all types of exercises are for  all type of people is the right  thing to say.

Don’t think too much just gather the right information and workout under  the guidance of a professional trainer. Most importantly, you should choose what you like to do, which type of exercise you enjoy doing. Don’t hesitate to try anything.