Health benefits of natural drinks

Sugarcane juice vs cold drink(health benefits of natural drinks)

Now a days in this hot climate people tend to drink lot of aerated drinks or soft drinks or cold drinks to quench their thirst but they hardly care about the disadvantages of these so-called Cold drinks. Instead we should look for the health benefits of natural drinks.

God has given us some of the best things to consume and mankind is able to bring the best out of them. Right now, I’m talking about sugarcane. It is also known as it is one of the best drinks that we can make out of a sugarcane by extracting its juice. It becomes a refreshing drink in summers when the heat makes us dehydrated and exhausted. Adding a little lemon juice, rock salt and mint makes it a perfect delicacy.

I believe people should replace soft drinks with the sugarcane juice. It has lot of benefits and apart from its amazing taste. Sugarcane juice vs cold drinks, comparing the health benefits of natural drinks with the man made drink.

Full of vitamins and minerals

Sugarcane juice is packed with carbs, proteins, vitamin A, vitamin B complex and vitamin C. Presence of many minerals like Phosphorus, calcium, potassium, zinc and iron makes it a complete healthy drink.

It is full of antioxidants and fiber as well, whereas we do not find any such thing in the aerated drinks  though they taste good.

Aids in weight loss

Sugarcane juice helps in weight loss despite of its high content of natural sugar. Yes, its true, it can help in loosing weight. It cleanses the gut and speeds up the metabolism which leads to weight loss. It should be consumed in wisely whereas the aerated drinks are packed with high refined sugar that leads in weight gain.

Provides instant energy

Sugarcane juice is an excellent source for instant energy. It lowers the body temperature and give the cooling effect; it replenishes the sugar level and boost energy. Unlike aerated drinks which actually gives a cooling effect but is also affecting our internal system. It seems like that the drinks gives us energy and cools us at the same time but this is not true.

Other health benefits

Sugarcane juice helps in digestion, relieves constipation and prevents infections, helps in jaundice and even kidney stones on the other hand It drinks do not help in any such purpose.

Sugarcane juice helps make bones and teeth stronger whereas the fizzy drinks can lead to cavities and decay of tooth due to its high sugar content.

It is preferred for pregnant ladies as its an immunity booster helps in healing wounds quickly. It is a good source for body when it comes to pain relief in STDs and UTIs whereas in case of aerated drinks we cannot trust them they are just thirst quenchers but do not have any minerals or vitamins like sugarcane juice.

Cold drink makes us addicted as it has sugar that may cause dopamine release in the brain which gives the feeling of pleasure, it increases heart disease risk, high blood sugar that cause blood triglycerides.

Be mindful and drink what is good for your health, body, mind and soul.

Happy summers.