Top Summer Foods/ Best Foods in Summer

In this hot summer climate, it is important for us to keep ourselves hydrated as well as consuming essential minerals and vitamins.

Here are the Top summer foods that you must include in your daily diet. Including these foods in your  daily diet will help you keep up in this scorching heat. Best food in summer to  consume are generally easily available in local market.


It is a wonderful food loaded with benefits and a good source of vitamin C, vitamin B5, vitamin A with potassium and copper. It’s a good food for weight loss as it contains high content of water and it is low in calories.  It can be eaten as a snack or in the breakfast. it is a whole some refreshing meal.


It’s a good source of fiber and contains a lot of water which helps in digestion and keeps away from constipation. It is also known as a natural multivitamin. It contains vitamin C, B and K and a good source of magnesium and potassium. As it is low in calories, it helps in weight loss and maintaining a good weight. Try  including this in your meals as salad and enjoy the benefits.


It is cooling in nature and it helps in keeping your body temperature low during hot scorching summers. It can be consumed as chhach or buttermilk, lassi or raita. We can consume in various forms and make delicious smoothies by mixing with fruits It is the source of calcium and potassium and contains carbs as well. If taken in a nominal quantity it is good for health.

Coconut Water

It is the best drink in the summers after water. It is loaded with minerals, vitamins, Iron and copper that are essential in the summers. As it is low in calories and has no fat, it becomes best drink to include in the weight loss journey and an awesome summer drink.


It is a herb and is easily available in the market. When mixed with curd or buttermilk or made a chutney, it is delicious and gives an amazing flavour to the food. It has a cooling effect which is good for your body in summers to refresh.


Onions also have cooling effects though it can ruin your taste if eaten raw but it can be eaten in various forms by mixing with the curd and vegetables or mixed in salads. The cooling effect in the onion can help you to guard against the sun strokes.


Another summer food that is waited eagerly, it has an amazing taste and give body essential vitamins and nutrients required in the summer They are refreshing and have cooling properties Contains vitamin A, C and potassium.

Lime Water

It is another summer drink that is loved to be consumed during summers either sweet or salty or with a hint of mint. It gives a refreshing and cooling effect and tastes amazing. It is known that lemon has Vitamin C, B6 and potassium and various other plant compound


Tomatoes are also good to eat in summers, the red colour giving substance Lycopene Protect us from ultra violet rays of the Sun. Tomatoes also have potassium and vitamin B. It helps in lowering blood pressure and tomatoes also help in weight loss.